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Convert your airtime to cash and make all bill payments with airtime

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Ever been in a situation where you mistakenly over recharged your mobile, or you just had excess mobile airtime and you wish you could just convert it back to “real money”?


Search no more! Here’s a solution!




What is Aimtoget?


Aimtoget is the fastest and easiest way online to convert your mobile airtime to cash, process bill payments and make online payments with your mobile airtime.


With Aimtoget, you can convert airtime to cash instantly, swap airtime, topup airtime, purchase data at cheaper rates, make bill payments (eg. Gotv, Dstv, Startimes, etc) and complete online payments with airtime.


How to get started?

- Create an account or download our mobile app on the google playstore (


- Set your transaction pin (A 4-digit pin to secure your e-wallet)


- Use the “Fund Airtime” menu on your dashboard to fund your wallet


                  * Choose the network you want to fund with.

                  * Enter the amount you will like to fund.

                  * Enter the phone number you want to fund with.

                  * A mobile number will be displayed to you on proceed.

                  * Make transfer of the amount you want to fund to the phone number displayed.

                  * Your e-wallet will be funded immediately.

                  * You can then proceed to pay bills, make payments or just withdraw to your Nigerian bank account.


                  Yes! It’s that easy and fast.



How to withdraw?

                  - Click on “Withdraw

                  - If you’ve not added any bank account, you will be prompted to add at least one,

                  - Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your wallet

                  - Choose the bank account you want to withdraw into

                  - Receive your funds in your bank account in minutes


You can always connect with us via [email protected] or visit for detailed info.

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